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Tableau Embedded Analytics

Are you wondering how to monetize data, share analytics and upsell your customers by adding value? Tableau Embedded is a product specially designed and priced to deliver rapid fire BI on your own products by simply embedding Tableau in it. Join us on this webinar – “Tableau Embedded Analytics”.


  • What and Whys of Tableau Embedded
  • Best practices of embedding analytics within your product for data monetization
  • Benefits of embedding Tableau vs building it yourself
  • Tableau product support for enabling you to deliver embedded analytics
  • Customer examples of Tableau Embedded
Andy Vadul - CTO

Andy is a Digital Transformation Leader with a passion for data analytics and collaboration across Business and IT teams to create Analytical Solutions. He is Tableau Certified on both Desktop and Server with a focus on integrating and extending Tableau to solve business needs in financial vertical. Andy has authored numerous papers in the field of Computer Science, Data Analytics and Governance.

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