Tableau enables you to quickly visualize data pulled from one or multiple databases with easy functionality. This is the framework upon which a customized self-service platform is built and accessed.

Adoption Portal

Through a customized adoption portal, you can enjoy self-service access to your data while also sharing it, securing it and achieving other essential functions. Our team works closely with you to create an easy-to-use platform.


A chatbot enables users to extract data and insights in real-time through artificial intelligence. Through chatbot functionality, a simple query may produce a detailed report that meets the users needs while pulling data from all relevant databases.

Analytics Community

Through the development of an analytics community, your users are connected for collaboration, sharing data across multiple platforms and education. Communities also foster the development of best practices and continuous improvement in essential ways.

0 to Tableau

We enable your business to benefit from the robust powers of data integration, visualization and analysis through customization, training and execution. This process begins with identification of the user’s needs and working backward, and it includes a full-scale ramp-up process.

0 to Snowflake

Snowflake is an enterprise-level data-as-a-service platform with cloud-based functionality. It promotes excellent data security while storing, integrating separating data on demand. Regardless of your business’s current experience with Snowflake, we can create the infrastructure and provide essential training so that you extract maximum benefit from its use.

Tableau Pixel Perfect Reporting

Generating detailed, customized reports through a self-service dashboard is enabled by Tableau Pixel Perfect Reporting. Through PPR, you can improve productivity while extracting the critical insights you need. Reports can be generated in real-time by all permitted users.