Data Warehouse

Your data warehouse serves as a critical foundation for your entire big data pipeline. It extracts or pulls data from various sources while formatting it and storing it for future queries. Your BI modernization effort, therefore, must include refinements to your data warehouse. UseREADY provides expert-level insight and guidance throughout your data warehouse modernization process to build an essential and solid foundation.

The Critical Need to Modernize Your Data Warehouse Structure

Modernizing your data warehouse structure is critical on a much deeper level as well. When this improved foundation is present, your business will benefit by:
  • Creating a data analysis and visualization platform that simplifies the user’s experience while also improving functionality
  • Keeping the total cost of ownership as low as possible
  • Enabling your team to make real-time decisions

The Essential Features of Data Warehouse Modernization

Revisions to your current data warehouse platform can lead to incredible benefits, but the modernization process must be tailored to meet your business’s needs. Some of the essential features of this type of project include:
  • Identification of the most cost-effective ways to store and process data so that it can be quickly and easily accessed
  • Scalability of data warehousing, such as through a cloud-based solution, to meet changing needs in a cost-effective way
  • Creation of a data warehouse that accommodates current needs for both unstructured and structured data while also supporting growth and changes in data storage and management needs

The Many Benefits of Data Warehouse Modernization

The benefits of data warehouse modernization are profound, and the far-reaching effects impact your business today and in the future on many levels. Some of the many benefits to your business may include:
  • The improved ability to extract meaningful insights in real-time
  • Enhancement of collaboration capabilities
  • The ability to collect and process data that may be useful in the future without burdening the current processes
  • Rapid discovery of new insights that previously were not visible

What Our Data Warehouse Modernization Process Entails

UseREADY supports all aspects of business intelligence to ensure that your objectives are met, and this includes the important step of transforming your current data warehouse structure. Our data warehouse modernization process includes:
  • Identification of your current system’s weaknesses and inadequacies
  • Strategic design of a new and optimized platform
  • Ongoing support throughout your BI transformation experience