Adoption @ Scale

After learning about the increasing need to incorporate AI into BI processes, you may be eager to move forward. At the same time, however, you may be intimidated by the apparent magnitude of this type of project. Our team at UseREADY understands your concerns and can help you to overcome challenges and objections while taking full advantage of AI in your BI processes.

Focus on the Benefits

Whether you are the primary decision-maker or you are tasked with convincing top-level executives that the adoption of AI into your business intelligence is essential, the first step is to focus on the specific benefits that your company will enjoy. True value from this adoption can be found in your bottom line and in many other areas depending on your specific business model. These are some of the more common benefits that may impact your business:

  • Predicting maintenance needs in your operations or for your customers
  • Personalizing customer service
  • Optimizing logistics
  • Streamlining processes
  • Utilizing refined data to improve marketing

Start Small

While there likely are many applications for AI in your operations, a massive implementation completed at one time can create intense stress. In many instances, businesses can choose a specific problem that they want to focus on first. When you select a definite area to narrow your AI adoption efforts to, apply these strategies:

  • Choose a small goal that may generate measurable results
  • Be prepared to measure results in terms of financial savings, improved efficiency or other areas
  • Scale your small endeavor so that you can make adjustments as needed without placing the entire project at risk

Scale Strategically

After your first effective AI adoption project, you may be eager to move forward at full throttle, but show restraint. By moving forward strategically and with the progressive completion of smaller projects, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • The ability to thoroughly research all possible applications for each specific goal, such as by locating the right software or cloud-based platform to use
  • Train employees on the use and benefits of the latest applications and technologies
  • Progressively move toward a data-driven business culture
  • Explore changing regulations that may pertain to your specific industry

Create Your AI Deployment Plan

From your initial awareness that a marriage between AI and BI is necessary to the full adoption of the technology throughout your operation, multiple steps must be taken. Our team at UseREADY is ready to help you create an AI deployment plan by:

  • Understanding your specific goals
  • Providing you with expert-level insight about the technologies and applications available
  • Scaling our services to meet your unique needs